The Group of Organizers of LACIGF are pleased to announce the realization of the Seventh Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) to be held in July 16-18, 2014. 
San Salvador, El Salvador will host the 2014 LACIGF edition.

Program Committee

What started out as a process promoted by just three organizations immediately began gaining support and new sponsors and, in turn, earned the community's trust and attention. Once the space had been consolidated, formalizing the integration of a coordination mechanism that would transcend the founding organizations, provide for the representation of all sectors involved, and ensure the forum's continuity and sustainability became necessary.

Thus, the forum's coordination body or Program Committee came to be – a multistakeholder group made up by representatives of the various interest groups aimed at managing the process in representation of the Latin American and Caribbean community.

The Program Committee is the forum's general coordination body. It is made up by two members appointed by each of the following interest groups:

Each sector plans its own course of action and chooses its representatives based on its own criteria.

The LACIGF 2014 Program Committee will be made up as follows:

Government Representatives:

Private Sector Representatives:

Civil Society Representatives:

Representatives of the Technical Internet Community:

In addition to creating the Program Committee, it was also necessary to decide who would be responsible for the Secretariat duties in order to provide a stable structure that would support the process over the years and cooperate with meeting logistics in close consultation with the Program Committee.

LACNIC), one of the three organizations that founded the process.


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